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Say YES to Success

The Youth Employment Service (YES) initiative was launched in 2018 in an effort to create 1 million new 12-month job opportunities for young people. It is a business led initiative aimed at providing employment experience in order to stimulate employment for the youth of South Africa. Continental Tyre South Africa (CTSA) got involved in this programme in 2019 to assist unemployed youth based in Port Elizabeth where the tyre manufacturing plant is situated.

The company selects YES learners from the Youth Employment Services (YES) data base and pays a stipend towards the learners’ income and resources which are needed for learning. Learners can be hosted by the company or placed with an alternate employer who provides the learner work experience.

“At Continental we have opted to further train our YES learners on additional skills to support their efforts in finding work and being absorbed into the workforce,” said Genevieve Naidoo, CTSA’s Transformation and Diversity Director.  The timeframe for the programme is normally one year, after which the learner receives a certificate of completion and an employment reference.  “Assistance in putting together a CV is also given to the learners, added Genevieve, “and our provider supports the company by trying to find the youth permanent employment. “

Continental Tyre South Africa’s involvement in the YES programme aims to create employment for young people and provide them with learning and employment opportunities, creating a talent pool for possible employment at Continental. “It is our corporate responsibility to support government initiatives aimed at contributing towards our economy,” said Naidoo.

In these uncertain and tumultuous times where there is so much need and issues needing to be resolved, we are proud to be part of the solution empowering unemployed youths for a better future. 

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