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You drive, we care:
Share the road safely!

For bikes and cars, tyres are the most important point of contact

Riding a bicycle is a fun and healthy activity that’s easy to do. But staying safe on the roads is a bit more complicated, as any regular cyclist will tell you. While navigating traffic on two wheels, you have to remain visible and avoid hazards at all times.

And then there’s the weather. Sometimes the sun is shining; sometimes the rain is pouring. A typical cyclist is just as happy sloshing through muddy puddles as they are trundling over dry gravel. The crucial point is to have the flexibility to adapt to changing situations.

Irrespective of whether you’re a cyclist or a driver, Continental supports everyone in sharing the road safely. As a leading automotive supplier for over 140 years, we provide our customers with performance tyres for secure grip and handling in all road conditions.

Tyres are the sole point of contact between the vehicle and the road. In a critical situation, it is the tyre that determines whether the vehicle can stop in time — or whether it stays safely on course through a corner. This is why we want to inform as many drivers as possible, all over the world, about the safety benefits of using high-tech tyres inflated to the correct pressure and with adequate tread depth.

Christian Kötz, Member of the Executive Board of Continental AG and Head of the Tyre Division

Riding on Black Gold

You care about road safety. And so do we. That’s why we’re striving to completely eliminate road fatalities, injuries and accidents through the Vision Zero initiative.

Achieving zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents is an ambitious goal, but it’s not impossible. Continental’s official partnerships with key sporting events like Tour de France, Vuelta a España, Giro D’Italia, and Prudential RideLondon is spreading the message to a global community of passionate fans.

The majority of professional athletes at these events are riding on high-tech tyres from Continental – although the peloton is probably moving too quickly for you to tell. And our involvement extends to other vehicles on the road also, supplying tyres to the official support cars and motorcycles at every exciting stage.

So it’s not just the athletes who ride on “black gold” from Continental; it’s the dedicated specialists who work tirelessly behind the scenes. Whichever the pedal or whatever the wheel, both are equipped with the latest tyre technology featuring the highest standards of performance and reliability.


A gripping adventure through Belgium and France

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150 of the best cyclists in the world compete for the biggest prize money of any one-day classic on the professional circuit.

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Highest quality for bicycles just as for cars

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No matter which vehicle you prefer – Continental supports you in every driving situation with first-class tyre technology.

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Stay safe with regular bike tyre maintenance

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Could you imagine yourself as a participant in the Tour de France? Here are some tips for bike tyre maintenance.

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Stay Wider of the Rider and keep every road user safe

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Close passing is intimidating and dangerous for cyclists. Join Continental in making the roads safe for all users.

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Tyre Compound Technology has never been hotter

A revolutionary tread compound combining the best properties of grip, speed, and durability.

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