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Building a new kind of tyre for a new type of race

Extreme E is the most extreme racing series the world has ever seen. Scorching heat or blistering cold; muddy, sandy or icy – no matter how extreme the conditions, the contestants and their vehicles need a reliable tyre that provides grip, traction and excellent performance at every stage of the race. The optimised tyres are not just built for extreme conditions, but also for the unique requirements of the competing pure electric SUVs. These electric SUVs are much heavier than usual and they require an extra kick when it starts and accelerates which means extra special tyres are imperative.

Made for the most challenging conditions: The CrossContact

The new tyre developed for Extreme E, is a well-balanced touring tyre with a specially designed tread to enhance traction and stability on practically any surface. We further refined its strengths to create two brand new tyres especially for the needs of Extreme E. The CrossContact and the CrossContact Ice will help contestants safely reach the finish line of the world’s most extreme racing series.

  • This tyre features an all-terrain pattern consisting of big blocks and an off-shoulder design which makes it perfectly optimised for hot and soft surfaces like sand and gravel.
  • It also incorporates a “stone bumper feature” to bump out the stones that sometimes get stuck in the tyre.
  • To finish off the summer edition tyre, it has a colourful print which gives both a 3D effect and resembles the texture of a lizard’s skin.
  • This tyre is especially designed to fight through freezing temperatures and slippery icy conditions.
  • It features the ContiFlexStudTM . The hard metal pin achieves a higher intrusion into the ice thanks to the stud’s flexible rubber body which adapts to the road surface offering noticeably better performance on snow and ice.
  • To finish off the tyres, it also has an impressive design of a cool icy print on the sidewall.

How cutting-edge technology is elevating Continental sidewall design


Continental Extreme E test driver and racing super star, Mikaela Åhlin-Kottulinsky, spoke to the creators behind Continental’s Extreme E sidewall designs. Discover how an innovative inkjet rubber printing technique has created the unique designs for the CrossContact and CrossContact Ice tyres!

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Extreme tyres: The CrossContact

Extreme E is the most challenging racing series in the world: A new kind of race which demands a new kind of tyre.

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