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Tyres from Continental

Vanco™ Eco

Easier on the gas.




Vanco™ Eco

Economy and safety for day-to-day use.


For transporters and vans.

  • Cost-effective due to optimised rolling resistance
  • Short braking distances, even on wet surfaces
  • Perceptible car-like handling

Technical details

Cost-effective due to optimised rolling resistance.

With its special compound, developed to reduce rolling resistance, the fuel consumption of the Vanco™ Eco is also reduced.

Short braking distances, even on wet surfaces.

By creating a windscreen wiper effect, the tire ensures short braking distances.

Car-like handling.

Thanks to the optimal transfer of lateral forces, the vehicle has more perceptible car-like handling.

Product range

Tyre size Radial Rim diameter in inches Load/Speed-Index Extra Load Rim protection Remarks (OE) Remarks (e.g. SSR) Fuel efficiency
195/75 R 16 107/105R B B 72dB/2
225/60 R 16 111/109T B B 71dB/2
235/65 R 16 118/116R B B 72dB/2

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