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Tyre Solutions for Off the Road Applications


Rugged conditions demand a rugged tyre. Every application is outside and often operates on un-finished surfaces. In earth moving and excavating applications, heavy, powerful and robust machines are required. Off the Road means several applications: digging, excavation, water supply installations and petrol or gas works, to name but a few. Therefor machines such as hydraulic excavators, hydraulic rope excavators, crawler tractors and loaders, wheel loaders and dumper trucks have to take in action.

Outdoor applications and the lumber industry require industrial tyres that can provide them excellent traction in any condition, and carry heavy, difficult to balance loads with ease. A special need is medium inflation pressure because the machines work on earth or on softy grounds. Accordingly tyres have to work with less pressure to not bury the machine. At the same time is the ability to higher speed very important.  Building contracts or projects have often very short deadline and productivity is a priority. Machines have to work and to move faster to earn time.


The slanted opposing tread bars are designed for good self-cleaning properties and for abrasion resistance demanded in quarries, mines and constructions sites.

SE 188

This tread pattern has a non-directional modern flat tread profile, which provides a wider ground contact area due to the optimized tread bar and tread groove design. An excellent choice for a wide range of Container Handling Machines.


The extra deep tread in a flatter tread profile offers efficient weight distribution for maximum tread life.


The extra deep tread with a very flat profile and opposing cross grooves offer efficient load distribution and excellent traction. The tread rubber is specially compounded for maximum resistance to cut and abrasion.