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Tyre Solutions for Building Material Industry


Lift truck fleets used in Building Material Yards and Building Distribution Centers (D.C.) have special needs:
The equipment and tyres are put under intense use with long runs, loaded and unloaded, on finished as well as unfinished surfaces. The Building Material Yards and Distribution Centers are usually littered with fragments of building materials such as pieces of wood, skid parts and strapping as well as plastic wrap. In conclusion the tyres need to be cut and chunk resistant. Also important is the shock absorption, whether it’s solid or pneumatic tyres in use. Carrying loads of drywall, wood or other building materials over uneven surfaces can cause product damage. The tyres must contribute to protecting the load, equipment and operator.
The majority of the equipment used is in the 2500 to 4000 kgs capacity range and are diesel powered.

SC20 Mileage+

Due to the Natural Rubber compound the Continental SC20 Mileage+ offers exceptionally low rolling resistance and low heat buildup, and high abrasion resistance. This relates to extended tyre life and reduced cost per hour. (More hours in between tyre changes and lower fuel consumption) Combined with that is the soft ride offered due to the 3-stage construction of the tyre. The softer ride relates to greater protection for the machine, loads carried and operating surface.

IC40 Extra Deep

The wide, flat tread faces of Continental's IC40 Extra Deep provide for traction and extended wear over a standard cross ply tyre. Also deep tread and thick sidewall provide protection against cuts, tears and flat tyres.


ContiRV20 and ContiRT20 offer exceptionally low rolling resistance, low heat buildup, tubeless capabilities when combined with the TSR system and deep treads for extended tread life. Due to the radial tyre construction flats are substantially reduced over cross ply pneumatic tyres.

MPT81, MPT80 and MPT70E

Designed for on & off road applications the MPT81, MPT80 and MPT70E provide exceptional traction in dirt, gravel and other unfinished surfaces while providing a comfortable ride and reduced downtime.

To see the Continental tyres in use, download the movies ContiRT20 at Weyerhaeuser Company or at CSP Construction.