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V.ply Technology


Continental recognized the need for a new kind of tyre to increase the performance and safety required for special application in harbors.

The result is Continental’s new V.ply technology, a huge leap forward in the quest for the optimum tyre. V.ply design is sourced in racing tyre technology and was only realizable by the extensive use of 3D modeling, the R&D knowledge of the Continental group and extensive field tests under real-life conditions.


Cross-ply technology is known for its superior damping properties and radial construction for its rolling resistance and high-speed capability. V.ply technology combines the best of both by integrating an innovative weaving pattern of multiple cords arranged at specially designed angles. The carcass of a V.ply tyre consists of up to 20 layers of cross-ply fiber embedded in three wire beads. Because steel cord does not provide an optimal bond between the carcass construction and the rubber shell, the V.ply technology makes use of high-resistance polymer. This makes the production process more challenging but the benefits are worth this effort.


The outstanding damping properties and stability of V.ply tyres are not only a result of the compressed air, but also of the exceptionally sturdy construction of the tyre itself. V.ply technology allows the construction of thicker sidewalls compared to radial tyres. Stronger sidewalls mean less tilting, improved protection against damage and a longer service life. The kissing effect of twin tyres is also eliminated because the sidewalls are less inclined to flex and hardly have any contact. Moreover, the powerful construction of the new V.ply tyres improves steering on the spot and tread cracks are significantly reduced.

More stability, more safety, more mileage, lower cost.

V.ply from Continental. Don't compromise.