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Continental LifeCycle™: Tyres' second life for a cleaner world

Continental always aims to be at the forefront of ecological innovation, adopting eco-friendly changes at every step of the way, from initial tyre development right through to production.The Continental’s Commercial Specialty Tyres business unit offers an eco-friendly tyre called Continental LifeCycle™.


The retreaded solid rubber LifeCycle tyre is made from selected casings which have passed Continental´s exhaustive, standardized quality control. Following these checks, the tread is removed from the casing and completely replaced, using a rubber mixture identical to the material of new tyres. With this method, about 65 percent of the existing tyre can be reused and only 35 percent of new raw material is needed. All other phases in the ContiLifeCycle manufacturing process are identical to the production of all other new solid rubber tyres at Continental. State-of-the-art tests and quality controls combined with efficient and environmentally-friendly tyre production ensure German quality products at a lower price.

By reusing selected tyre casings the amount of energy and raw materials used in the tyre manufacturing process are reduced – which also lowers the price of the product. With customers’ help this large-scale recycling initiative will help to bring down the number of scrap tyres needing disposal as well as the emission of climate-changing CO2 – Continental LifeCycle protects nature and offers cost savings.