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Conti360° Fleet Services™

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Even more successful on the road. Thanks to Conti360° Fleet Services.


Conti360° Fleet Services meet your specific needs and enable you to achieve the lowest overall driving costs. From perfect selection of the tyres through correct fitting, ongoing monitoring and reporting, fast response in the event of a tyre breakdown to the proper handling of worn tires. That’s what we call an exclusive all-round service.

Our regular inspections help you to get the best performance out of your tyres.

No matter where you are in Europe, in the event of a tyre breakdown we’ll have you back on the road with minimum downtime.

We provide you with a complete analysis of your tyre-related data, which shows potential for any tyre-related cost savings at one glance.

An advanced tyre pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial vehicles.

Personal on-site training with dealers and fleets as well as an online training center.



Nowhere does the motto “small cause, big effect” apply more than for truck and bus tyres. If you change your tires too early, you’re throwing away valuable millimeters and money at the same time. The same goes for tyre pressure: if it’s too high or low, the result is always excessive tyre wear, noticeably higher fuel costs and damaged tyres. And in the end, tyres that are not regularly checked are tyres that cause additional expenses. ContiFleetCheck gives your truck and bus tyres the attention they really need and provides you with a detailed summary of the state of your tyres.

We get the most out of your tyres – thanks to regular monitoring of:

  • Correct tyre pressure
  • Tread depth of all tyres
  • Mileage
  • Damage and wear profiles



We get you going again in the event of a tyre breakdown: throughout South Africa, around the clock, 365 days a year. And with a minimal downtime. For more than 30 years, Continental has led the field in tyre breakdown services – its reliable and straightforward system gets you mobile again quickly e.g. after a tyre puncture. With our drive-on-time guarantee we ensure that your incident will be dealt with as quickly as possible, anywhere in South Africa.

In the event of a breakdown:

  • Help available quickly all over South Africa
  • Drive-on-time guarantee within 3 hours respectively 4 hours*
  • Service Center available 24/7/365



If you know your way around, you know where you can save. That’s why our ContiFleetReporting includes a complete analysis of your fleet’s tyre and service related cost. It quickly reveals any need for optimization or any savings potential. ContiFleetReporting is available online so that you have continuous access to your data.

ContiFleetReporting includes:

  • Quantity of products supplied and fitted
  • Number of ContiBreakdownServices provided
  • Number of ContiFleetChecks carried out
  • All costs associated with the products and services provided


Conti360° Network

Conti360° Network

  • Full service for truck fleets across South Africa
  • Personal consulting and reliable quality
  • Secured availabilty of Continental tyres
  • Regular monitoring of service quality via KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and continuous improvement
  • High efficiency for your fleet thanks to our comprehensive tyre management


Conti360° Partners

Conti360° Fleet Services: an all-around service that lowers costs.

With Conti360° Fleet Services, South African fleets get a professional all-around tyre service: From recommendation and perfect selection of tyres, through correct fitment and quick assistance in case of a breakdown to ongoing checking and reporting on the tyres of the whole fleet. We also handle the proper disposal of worn tyres.

Conti360° Fleet Services meet the specific needs of fleets: reliability and efficiency. The individual elements of Conti360° Fleet Services enable fleets to achieve the lowest overall driving costs.

Thanks to regular inspections, tyre performance is maximized.

No matter where you are in South Africa, in case of a tyre breakdown we’ll have the vehicle back on the road within three to four hours.

We provide fleets with a complete analysis of the tyres‘ performance, showing potential for any tyre-related cost savings at a glance.

An advanced tyre pressure monitoring system specifically designed for commercial vehicles.

Personal on-site training with dealers and fleets as well as an online training center.

A wide network of Conti360° Partners guarantees high quality and standardized services.

  • Conti360° Fleet Services can be found all over South Africa and with the same high quality standards everywhere. In this way, you can easily establish business relationships with fleets.
  • In addition to your regular business, you obtain access to services for which you know in advance how much you will earn.
  • quick payment through efficient processing
  • automatic generation of service credit notes for services delivered
  • tracking of your own performance (e.g. BreakdownService or FleetCheck) and giving real-time access to your data
  • As a partner you'll be listed in the Conti360° Dealer Locator, a website that points out your location to South African fleets.
  • Regardless of whether it’s individual consulting, direct marketing measures, print and PoS material, event or promotions – we’ll always be there to back you up.

If you want to be a partner, you’ll have to do your part.

You must:

  • be able to carry out the ContiBreakdownService and the ContiFleetCheck
  • be available for breakdowns 24/7/365
  • be able to carry out mobile services
  • fulfil the Conti360° quality standards

Are you interested? Contact your Continental representative.