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More than Tyres

A Tyre Developer without Tyres

Continental is more than “just” tyres – even within the Tyre Division. On the desk of Jörg Lehmann you won’t find any rubber samples or tread patterns.

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Sensor kisses Tyres

The exotics amongst tyre developers: Our colleagues in the Systems Development department who install intelligence in our Continental tyres.

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Tyres to the driver: Pump me up!

Sophisticated electronics enable truck tyres to communicate. Our ContiPressureCheck informs about a drop in pressure. And can do a lot more... 

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From basking on the beach to analyzing data

Big data does not faze Ester Belén Bandiera. She analyzes a huge amount of data – and consolidates it to create an innovative forecast model. 

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Data beats guesswork

The expert team of Roland Wilmer is working on using this data as effectively as possible with sophisticated software and IT solutions.

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