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Tyres to the driver: Pump me up!

Sophisticated electronics enable truck tyres to communicate: ContiPressureCheck warns the driver if there is a drop in pressure. The tyre monitoring system for commercial vehicles can, however, do a lot more than that.

The brain of the truck tyre is delivered in a black case. As with people, the brain has different parts to do different things – but here they are neatly separated and clearly labelled: the installation kit for the auto repair shop that installs the ContiPressureCheck system on the truck. This mainly includes the sensors that are in small rubber containers for protection. They are easily glued to the inner surface of the tyres with a special adhesive and immediately start transmitting information. In addition, there is a receiver that is attached to the chassis between the steering and driving axles. The receiver evaluates the sensor signals and provides information about the condition of the tyres on the monitoring display in the cockpit. If a light flashes there, it means: Caution, drop in pressure!

In addition to the main electronic components, ContiPressureCheck has various cables and an optional antenna – the package consists of 40 parts in total. We can hardly call it a single product. The developers who conceived of it  prefer to call it a system. This also appeals to the marketing experts, who want to help ContiPressureCheck achieve a breakthrough in the market.

Database on wheels

The aim is to provide customers with the greatest possible benefit, and low costs are right at the top of the wish list when it comes to trucks. The ContiPressureCheck system can be installed quickly and easily, and it is compatible with the tyres of all manufacturers. Breakdowns and consequential costly idle time can be avoided as well as delay penalties, loss of reputation, and danger to other road users. Driving with the correct tire pressure also saves a significant amount of fuel, increases the mileage of the tyres, and protects the carcass of the tyre. And last but not least, the environment is also protected because the correct tyre pressure reduces fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, and wear.

Savings of a completely different nature are also conceivable, many of which are already feasible: If, for example, a truck driver can combine the necessary tyre change with an upcoming oil change, this saves time and money. The optimum time for maintenance depends on a variety of factors – ranging from individual driving behavior, the quality of the road, right up to the weather conditions. Much of this data is already being collected by the vehicles. It is received by the fleet management system with which customers monitor their vehicles. These electronics are therefore already installed in the vehicle. All that Continental now needs to do is make greater use of it.

Retread me, please

ContiPressureCheck can already be connected to the customer’s telematics system. In the case of a reduction in pressure, it is not only the driver who receives a warning but also the fleet manager, far away at his computer. If it is also received by Continental, the data collected via the Internet will also form the basis for accurate predictions in the future. If, for example, a customer´s truck tyres need to be changed, Continental is informed of this before the event actually occurs.

In the future, it will not only be a matter of “Pump me up!” but also “Retread me, please!” The only thing missing is that the tyres understand the response – and then arrange an appointment for recycling at the ContiLifeCycle plant.