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E-b-trans Provides Safe Hazardous Goods Transport with Continental Truck Tyres

  • Continental is taking over tire management for the Luxemburg based carrier E-b-trans
  • Partnership includes the maintenance of over 5,100 commercial vehicles
  • Europe-wide Continental service network offers optimum support for E-b-trans transportation Network

Hanover, Germany – April 29, 2015. The carrier company E-b-trans, which specializes in the transportation of hazardous goods, has selected Continental as a Europe-wide partner for its tire management. With locations in 14 European countries, the E-b-trans group, which includes companies such as Klacska GmbH and Mineraloel Frachten GmbH, is one of the largest logistics and transportation networks for dangerous goods in Europe. Continental was selected thanks to its economical and customer-focused package. E-b-trans is equipping its fleet with third-generation and second-generation Conti EcoPlus tires. In addition, E-b-trans is using the Europe-wide Conti360° service network, which guarantees fast and straightfor-ward24-hour service in 37 countries in the event of a flat tire. Another reason for selecting the Hanover tire manufacturer was its internationally standardized processes, which support tire management and guarantee complete transparency using the easy-to-operate CESAR administration platform.


As part of a Europe-wide partnership, Continental is taking over tire management for the Luxemburg based transport company E-b-trans.

As part of the partnership, which is to last several years, Continental is equipping over 5,100 commercial vehicles with tires. E-b-trans is relying on the guidance of local Continental fleet specialists when it comes to selecting its tires. In the agreed mileage contracts, they ensure that exactly the right type of tire is employed to ensure an optimum combination of high mileage performance and low emissions. The tires are supplied by the Conti360° service partners, who are also able to install the tires at the customer's premises on a mobile basis.

"We need reliable partners to work effectively. As a Europe-wide transport company, we face a lot of challenges. Continental understands those challenges and has shown a high level of commitment from the very beginning. We are looking forward to a successful collaboration”, says the CEO of E-b-trans France, Blaise Durand.

In addition to the provision of tires, the contract includes the maintenance of the E-b-trans vehicle fleet, for which Continental will perform regular fleet checks. The product range is being supplemented by the use of retreaded ContiRe tires, which are significantly improving the costs and carbon footprint of the French company thanks to optimal and efficient use of resources.

The E-b-trans fleet includes 2,700 trucks and 2,400 semitrailers transporting hazardous goods for the petrochemical and gas industry. With an annual transport volume of over 50 million cubic meters of oil products, gases, and chemicals, E-b-trans is one of the leading specialized carriers in Europe.

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